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The Importance of Facebook Page Customization

With today’s competitive society, simply having a website is not enough to draw customer’s attention.  Therefore many businesses turn to social networking media to communicate and interact with fans, share valuable information and generate new leads. Facebook is a social networking platform that has been designed to provide uniform pages where businesses can be on equal playing levels. However, with some creative use of resources you can design a custom page for your business that will demand attention. Utilize these tips for your Facebook page customization:

  • Create a vanity URL: By utilizing this resource you can customize the URL your Facebook page has. This can enable you to choose something that is easily recognizable as your business, make it more efficient to share the page with potential customers and give you and overall more professional appearance.
  • Customize your businesses welcome page: Making a customer welcome page for your visitors can help you gain “Likes” and more traffic. Additionally, as more customers like your page your businesses posts will begin to show up in their news feed and attract even more attention. In order to create this page goes to Manage Permissions and set the page you create to be your Default Landing Tab. This way the custom customer welcome page you create will be the first things customers see when they visit your page.
  • Take a picture that makes a statement: The Facebook picture can be manipulated to include additional information about your business; it does not have to simply be your logo.
  • Customize your photo strip: This is a piece of real estate on business pages that you can truly make work for you. Include different types of pertinent information, attention grabbing photos or anything else that makes your business stand out.
  • Utilize tabs: These tabs can be used to create different areas for your business as well as feature other businesses pages. This is a great way to attract a certain niche of people.
  • Target your audience: This is a new app that Facebook offers allowing you to pick and choose who sees the posts you make.
  • Run or sponsor a contest: Be careful to stay within Facebook’s rules and guidelines, however, this can be a great way to attract new attention.

The custom options that Facebook offers can be limited. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before third party apps were developed to conquer this problem. Some of the most popular apps that can be utilized to make custom Facebook pages, outside of the actual Facebook platform, include:

  • MiPro Apps: This features a drag and drop interface and can be utilized through Facebook Connect.
  • North Social: Allows you to create and add custom tabs to your Facebook page.
  • Involver: This app provides you with the most custom options for your Facebook page.

By utilizing these tools you can create a page that stands out from the crowd and appeals to your customers. Use the different options that are available to customize the content and information you provide your customers, as well as the pictures and videos you have on the site.

Customizing your Facebook page is a strong marketing strategy that can help generate new fans and customers and enable you to increase the number of Likes on your page as well as the traffic that visits on a daily basis. In order to fully utilize the custom options to their full potential you should create unique pages that “think outside the box” to create an appealing visual page for your customers.

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