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SEO OgdenPerformance Driven Marketing is not your average internet marketing company,  we’re not just here to handle your SEO Ogden.  All of our employees, from owners to interns, work hard to give your company successful and easily tracked marketing strategies across all marketing methods. At Performance Driven Marketing, we don’t just offer one type of marketing. We offer a large variety of marketing and related services to help your business, whether it is big or small, grow exponentially. When you decide to use one of our services, we won’t stop working hard to make your marketing successful so we can drive more customers to your products and services.


Whether you’re looking for a company who can just create a logo for you or you want a complete marketing setup out of the box, Performance Driven Marketing is capable of any marketing or related project.

  • In order for your company to be successful online, your target audience needs to be able to find you. If your customers search a keyword that is related to your company and several other companies pop up before yours, you are losing business. At Performance Driven Marketing, we know successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help your company move up the ranks on top search engines. That way, you’ll get seen and have an increased number of opportunities to make sales.
  • In order to know what your customers want and are looking for, you need to interact with them. What better way to do that than through social media? Social media has become a huge marketing strategy that can not only connect you with your current customers but will help you grow in prestige through recommendations, referrals, and active social media advertising. The social media marketing experts at Performance Driven Marketing are ready to customize your social marketing campaign to make your company more of an online presence.
  • Though much of marketing has moved into the sphere of the internet, you company also needs to incorporate more traditional modes of marketing in order to compete on the same level as other companies in the same industry. At Performance Driven Marketing, we can help you create marketing solutions that encompass a wide variety of media so you can reach your customers on all levels. Whether your company needs a customized marketing program or would do well with one that comes ready to go out of the box, we have what you’re looking for.
  • Your company cannot truly become an online competitor without a professional, well-written, and well-designed website. Creating a website is one of the first steps in reaching your customers on a larger scale and should not be overlooked. Our web development, graphic design, and content teams will all work together to ensure that your website looks great, works well, and attracts the attention of your target audience.
  • Whether you’re looking for someone to design a logo, set up your company branding, help you with marketing materials, design and add graphics to your website, or create one-of-a-kind business cards, our graphic designers can do it all. Because images convey a large amount of meaning to the people who look at them, they are incredibly important. Graphics of all sorts can do a lot of work for you and can actually subconsciously sway your target audience towards choosing your company over another.
  • Whether your target audience is looking at your website, blogs, emails, brochures, letters, newsletters, or press releases, you get one chance to convey a specific message to your reader. Written content plays a huge role in that. Well-written content that contains pertinent and accurate information can make the all the difference on your company’s sales and reputation. At Performance Driven Marketing, our content writers constantly strive toward excellence and are at your beck and call. While making use of polished editing and writing skills, our content team will create content that speaks volumes to your target population.
  • The days of blinding selecting marketing tactics are over. Now, get tracking on each and every marketing strategy you have in place to find out which methods are effective and which methods are a waste of your valuable resources. With call tracking systems and monthly marketing reports, Performance Driven Marketing will help you see exactly how your marketing is performing for your business.

With a team of marketing strategists, designers, writers, developers, and sales people, we all do our part to create a uniquely successful marketing solution that works on multiple levels for your company, products, and services.


Unlike other marketing companies, we want to make sure that we are constantly exceeding your expectations, whether we complete a one-time project or are working on monthly marketing services. Our pledge to you is to have regular meetings with our clients to reassess the company’s needs and move forward with up-to-date marketing techniques. Frustrated with your results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines?  Need a better SEO Ogden?  If you are ready to work with an Utah internet marketing company that puts the needs of your company first, give Performance Driven Marketing a call today at (801)-326-0582!


1. Our marketing team, web developers, graphic designers, and writers are well-versed in their fields and can create top-notch marketing products.  Our entire team's focus is to increase your business profits and visibility.
2. We always want to do what’s best for you, even if that’s not monetarily good for us. We’ll coach you on what you would benefit from, and we won’t ever take advantage of you.
3. Internet marketing is constantly changing due to increasing accuracy of search engine technology. We are always paying attention to internet marketing forums to make sure your business stays on top of the search engine rankings!
4. Performance Driven Marketing is a local company that wants to support companies across Utah. We want to see you succeed, and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

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