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Responsive Website Design

In a world where your customers are using so many different devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones, IPod Touches, IPads, IPad 2s, etc.) to access your website, you need to have a website design that is compatible with all kinds of technological capabilities and sizes. That way, regardless of how your target population is looking at your website, it is always easy to read and use.

Many of the potential customers that visit your website might not stay long enough to find out about your company if the text is too small or the site is difficult to navigate. For that reason, you need to make sure that it is as easy as possible for them to interact with your website as a whole. A simple way to do this is to allow Performance Driven Marketing to design a responsive website for you.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is simply a website that changes according to what device is being used to view it. In order for it to respond to variables like the browsing width of a device, a responsive website uses percentage values and ratios instead of fixed pixel amounts. Other characteristics of responsive website designs include:

  • Flexible image inputs that change according to the changing nature of the website
  • Features that minimize the need to resize the website or have scroll bars
  • Easy-to-read text that reformats as needed for specific devices
  • Links that are easy to click on or touch regardless of the device your customers use

For these reasons, a responsive website can be more useful and applicable than having a separate mobile website created for your users who are browsing on their phones or other mobile devices. Instead, you can have a website that has the same content across the board that can be easily seen on a variety of screens.

If you are interested in having a responsive website design implemented, contact the web development specialists at Performance Driven Marketing now at (801)-326-0582!