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If your website is good and ranks well on Google and other search engines, then, potentially, hundreds of customers might be visiting your website every day! One way to hook those customers in is by offering a live chat service.

When you have a live chat service on your website, any of your online customers can speak directly with you or one of your representatives to get help or information about your products and services. This gives the customer easy access and can be a beneficial way to sell your company’s products.

No Matter What Your Company Does; Live Chat Will Work for You!

It doesn’t matter whether you own an apartment complex, a mechanic shop, or a retail store, having live chat will really help you get in touch with your customers. Live chat is wonderful because it:

  • Allows for quick, easy interactions
  • Is easier and less intrusive than using the phone
  • Can be used to talk to more than one customer at a time
  • Can be used to send links to helpful videos or web pages
  • Makes it easier to provide technical support and emergency help for clients

If you don’t have live chat now, you really need to get it. Otherwise, you are missing the chance to interact with your customers, and, after all, you wouldn’t want to ignore someone who just walked into your store.

Our Live Chat Service

At Performance Driven Marketing, we can set up a live chat service on your website as soon as you are ready. That way, we’ll put you in direct contact with the people who are interested in your company.

Stop losing customers because you don’t have a live chat service on your website; sit down with one of Performance Driven Marketing’s web designers or call us now at (801)-326-0582!