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Live Call Analytics

ROI TrackingOnce you sign up for call tracking, call recording, or call scoring services, Performance Driven Marketing can set you up with live analytics that allow you to see a variety of graphs, charts, and other information easily. The data programs we use provide easy-to-read diagrams that will help you make better marketing and business decisions.

These diagrams and other analytics will help you build presentations for the rest of your company to see. With concrete evidence and facts, you can make a convincing argument to change, modify, or emphasize a marketing or training strategy.

Features of Our Analytics

Unlike some programs that only calculate and supply graphs to their users, our analytics programs:

  • Give you analyses on calls and more in real time
  • Have downloadable features so you can save the charts and graphs to your computer from the internet
  • Can be accessed with a smartphone, IPad, and anything else that has an internet connection
  • Receive regular summary reports
  • Have customizable graphs so you see only what you want to see
  • Can be exported as a variety of different files

Rather than spending hours creating graphs and computing statistics to find out what the data is telling you about your company, you can simply ask Performance Driven Marketing to give you access to polished, informative displays.

Call Tracking Analytics UtahMake Informed Business Decisions with Live Analytics!

Once you have access to all the graphs and charts about the calls your business receives, you can really begin to modify and focus on marketing strategies that are working for you. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your company’s improvement as you switch methods. Marketing is no longer a shot in the dark when you are equipped with concrete results in real time!

To start receiving live analytics for your company today, call Performance Driven Marketing at (801)-326-0582!