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Are you looking for ways to more adequately rate and give feedback to your sales representatives? Now, with call scoring, it is easy to get lots of information about how your employees are doing on their phone calls with your customers.

Call scoring works by first recording some of the phone calls that your sales or customer service representatives are on. Then, with the use of scoring template, you can rate them on service, effectiveness, and more.

Call ScoringYou Can Use Call Scoring to Train Employees and Bring in More Sales!

Call scoring is invaluable for customers that are sales and service based. It gives you the chance to:

  • Encourage improved performance
  • Track employee performance over the course of their employment
  • Incentivize employees to step up in customer relations
  • Follow patterns of customer needs and how well they are fulfilled
  • Determine which employees should be rewarded and which need additional training
  • Improve overall customer service

When you customers appreciate the attention, friendliness, and general attitude of your service representatives, you are much more likely to keep the customers you have and bring in new sales.

Don’t stay in the dark and assume that your employees are talking to customers in a way that suits your standards. Knowing how your employees are treating your clients makes a huge difference in the way you approach the feedback process. With call scoring, you can have concrete results about how your employees are performing.

Customer Service Coaching

If you don’t have time to score the recorded calls for your company, you can talk to Performance Driven Marketing about hiring a customer service coach to go over the calls and give you the results of the call scoring.

It’s time to find more out about how your training techniques are being used in practice. Call Performance Driven Marketing at (801)-326-0582 to start call scoring for your company!