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Call Tracking

Utilizing call tracking is a relatively simple way to monitor how your marketing strategies are working. By putting a different number on specific ads and on your website, you can find out exactly how effective particular marketing campaigns are.

To establish call tracking, you only need to set up a local or a toll free number and put it on the advertisement, webpage, or social media post in place of your company’s regular number. Then, when someone calls the number on the ad, the call gets forwarded to your business.

Call Tracking Ogden UtahWhat Information Becomes Available with Call Tracking?

Call tracking is very helpful for your business because it shows you how effective your advertising strategies really are. They also provide you with information about:

  • How many customers are calling on your advertisement, webpage, or posting
  • Which days and times your interested customers are going to call
  • Future results with new marketing campaigns
  • Received and missed calls
  • Hang-ups

Unlike other call tracking services that might force there to be a “middleman” that will transfer the call to your company, the call gets forwarded directly so the customer would never know the difference between the number you regularly use for your business and the number you put on an advertisement.

When you sign up for call tracking with Performance Driven Marketing, you gain access to a remarkable amount of data regarding the calls that come in to your business.

Call Tracking UtahSpecialize Your Marketing Funds

Once you know what is working best in the marketing world for your company, you can push those avenues a little harder. You can also remove funds from unsuccessful marketing methods so you don’t have to waste any more money.

If you are ready to get more information on your target population through call tracking, call Performance Driven Marketing today at (801)-326-0582!