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Reputation Management

Reputation, when you’re working on marketing your company or service, is everything. Both positive and negative reviews from friends, family, or even strangers online can significantly influence the way in which your customers and clients view your business.

Being aware of your online presence is extremely important to your reputation. More and more people are relying on search engines to learn about the service they need or the company they are considering purchasing products or services from. If negative results pop up on a search for your company, it will seriously dissuade your potential customer from your product or service.

We Can Help You Manage Your Reputation!

There simply isn’t enough time in the day for you to scan Google and other search engines for negative comments. When you let Performance Driven Marketing take care of your online reputation, we can put a four-step process into work that will not only stop negative results from coming up but will greatly improve your online image.

Our four-step process includes:

  • Building
  • Improvement
  • Management
  • Recovery

Let us make sure that your online presence is making a positive impact rather than a negative one.

Building and Maintaining a Positive Reputation

One of our strategies for building and maintaining your online presence is creating content such as press releases, blogs, articles, and more. Publishing those on your website or on social media will improve your reputation because they will show up higher on search engines than negative comments or other results.

Creating informative and useful content serves three purposes: it improves your reputation, informs your customer base about your company’s services, and gives your overall internet marketing a boost.

To have us start working on your online reputation as soon as possible, call Performance Driven Marketing at (801)-326-0582!