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Facebook Marketing

People that have Facebook accounts generally check for updates several times daily. And, with the advent of the smartphone, many Facebook users are constantly getting updates on their phones about what is going on with the people and businesses they follow.

Because every one in 13 people (which amounts to more than 500,000,000 users!) have Facebook accounts and use them regularly, it presents a unique marketing arena. As a business, you need to connect with your target audience in places they visit most often, especially online places.

Having Your Company on Facebook

Building a business profile on Facebook is more than just building a fan base. As a company, you can also:

  • Post blogs, articles, press releases, and more content to Facebook for your customers to see
  • Have your “status” show up on your customers’ news feed
  • Release Facebook apps
  • Hold contests to generate interest
  • Pay for target specific advertising
  • Encourage “sharing” posts so you can reach your customers’ friends
  • And more!

Facebook marketing is practically limitless. Because Facebook is constantly evolving to include more features and more ways for business owners to advertise their companies, the possibilities are only growing.

Performance Driven Marketing and Facebook

When you sign up for social media optimization and marketing with Performance Driven Marketing, we can help you optimize posts, status updates, pictures, and more to make sure that the image and reputation you are creating online is one that is professional, respectable, and intriguing.

We will also make sure to share your website’s blog posts on Facebook. That means that the hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people who “like” your business page can get more information about your products and services.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the marketing opportunities Facebook presents, talk to Performance Driven Marketing about Facebook marketing services by calling (801)-326-0582 now!