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Social Media

Now that so many people are seeing the value of social media on the internet, it is becoming a hotspot for advertising, marketing, and getting to know your customers. If your business is not taking advantage of what social media sites can offer, your competition could be sweeping your clients away.

At Performance Driven Marketing, we want your customers to see you in any avenue possible. That’s why we help optimize your social media connections through sites that share information, blogs, comments, and more. By putting your company out there, you can significantly increase visits to your website and sales opportunities!

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Though search engine optimization (SEO) generally comes first in internet marketing, SMO is rising in importance. Our marketing team at Performance Driven Marketing will optimize your contact with customers through social media avenues. We can help you use social media accounts to:

  • Make your blog content more visible
  • Post important press releases
  • Build you a following
  • Post links to your website
  • Increase your overall revenue

Almost all word-of-mouth marketing has moved to the sphere of the internet. Now, customers who find your products or services valuable can share what you post so more people will see it and take notice.

Social Media: Not Just Facebook

Some companies mistakenly use Facebook as their only social media avenue. When companies do that, they are ignoring hundreds of other social media sites that can help them boost sales and revenue. When you team up with Performance Driven Marketing, we will make sure that you content gets sent off to many more social media sites than just Facebook. Some other popular ones are:

To start reaching out to your customers all over the internet, let Performance Driven Marketing handle your social media exposure. Call us today at (801)-326-0582!