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Mobile Search Marketing (Mobile SEO)

Since the smartphone revolutionized the way people use the internet, everything about marketing has changed. Now, there’s a big push for mobile marketing, and for good reason.

Why Focus on Mobile SEO?

Some studies show that, before 2015, more than a 160 billion dollars’ worth of merchandise will be purchased on mobile phones alone. What’s the best way to get in on that? Mobile SEO.
So many people have their phone in their hand hundreds of times a day. Each time they check their phone, that’s another opportunity for you to reach your target population. Are you taking advantage of this huge marketing possibility?

If you want to reach more customers, Performance Driven Marketing knows all the tricks to optimize your websites, online advertisements, and more for mobile devices.  Let us handle your mobile SEO and increase your customer conversions.

Mobile SEO and Marketing Features

When targeting mobile users, making some really small changes to the way you are already doing marketing can make a huge difference in your sales. For instance, simply capitalizing on the “click to call” feature that allows mobile users to call your company directly from an online ad or from your website gives them quick access to you without having to write down your phone number or do any extra work.

Another easy way to boost your mobile marketing ventures is to include a location on your advertisements and search results. That way, your customers know how close they are to your company already. Performance Driven Marketing can help you make this a reality for your marketing campaign.

Mobile-centered Marketing and Performance Driven Marketing

Performance Driven Marketing can apply mobile SEO to your mobile website and mobile advertisements to make sure that they are getting seen by your target population. This includes performing mobile keyword research and writing content that include those pertinent keywords.

If you are ready to grab a hold of the mobile marketing avenue while it’s exponentially increasing in value, call Performance Driven Marketing now at (801)-326-0582!