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Keyword Research

One of the biggest parts of search engine optimization (SEO) is knowing what your customers are looking for when they find your company on Google and other search engines. You can get information on that by looking into some keyword research.

When you decide to let Performance Driven Marketing help you with your SEO, we will spend some time getting solid numbers and analyses about which keywords your customers are searching to find your company.

For instance, if you run an internet marketing company, your customers might type “internet marketing Ogden” into a search engine. If your website comes up on the first page of search engine, then your website is already capitalizing on that keyword or search phrase.

Keyword Research and SEO

Once we establish your target area and audience, we will help you rank high on search engines for keywords that relate to those areas and clients. As you begin to rank higher, we will continue to do keyword research to make sure you continue to rank. We will also be able to see what other key search phrases work for your company.

We can then write blogs and other content to further improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

Connecting with Your Target Population

With keyword research, you can start to see what your customers are actually interested in when they come across your company. This gives you the chance to cater to what they are looking for and understand the specific language they use.

Additionally, keyword research doesn’t just mean improved SEO. All your blog headlines, Facebook posts, and other online content can use these key phrases to interact with potential customers and speak their language.

If you think that your company would benefit from keyword research (and all businesses can), call Performance Driven Marketing today at (801)-326-0582!