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Email Marketing

Websites and social media pages are not the only ways through which you can reach your customers online. One quickly evolving internet marketing tool is email marketing. This way, you can directly connect with your customers, sending them newsletters and pertinent information so you can increase your sales and build your reputation.

At Performance Driven Marketing, we can help you distinguish who your target population is, design your newsletter or email promotion, and send it out to your customers. With our team of designers, content writers, and marketing gurus, we can make sure that you use this avenue of internet marketing adequately.

Email Marketing Services

There are three email marketing services that we trust above all others to send out our clients’ newsletter to their customers. Those three services are:

  • Email Chimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft

We will use one of these three email marketing services to make sure that your email newsletters and other promotions are getting to your clients. With those websites, we can also help you create an email or newsletter from their selection of email templates in case you don’t already have the design or content in mind.

And, if none of the email templates seem to suit your needs, we can always build you one from scratch. Our web designers and content writers are nothing if not capable to help you come up with the perfect, sales-increasing email to send to your target population.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

If customers sign up to receive your newsletter or email promotion, that means that you already have an interested audience. Now, you just have to send them something that applies to them. For instance, you could send them a coupon that will give them incentive to purchase your product or service.

To start your email marketing campaign as soon as possible, call Performance Driven Marketing at (801)-326-0582 now!