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With the use of analytics, the age of marketing blindly is over. With the advent of analytic technology, statistics, and up-to-date diagrams of your marketing strategies and their success, you can see exactly how well each of your marketing techniques is working.

Unlike other marketing companies that don’t provide you with feedback on the difference that marketing is making for your business, Performance Driven Marketing always wants to keep you updated so you can see the results for yourself.

Google Analytics

With the help of Google’s analytics systems and displays, we can give you valuable information about the success of your website and social media marketing tactics. With the statistics you get back from the results, you can make educated decisions about which marketing strategies you want to continue with and which might need a boost.

This statistics and analyses will always be displayed in very visual ways to make it very easy to see improvement, changes, and areas that need work. With graphs that are automatically updated and created for you, you can easily transfer the results to a PowerPoint or poster to present to your company. Or, if needed, you can just print out the results to share them with colleagues.

Constant Communication and Honesty

Here at Performance Driven Marketing, we want to give you the boosts in sales and revenue that you expect from successful marketing. For that reason, we want you present you with tangible results.

When we meet with you once a month to discuss your company’s marketing strategies, we will also show you all the data. That way, you are completely in the loop about what we are doing for your company and how successful each separate strategy is. We don’t want you to pay for services that aren’t right for your business.

If you are interested in working with a marketing company that uses analytics to show you your company’s marketing results, call Performance Driven Marketing at (801)-326-0582!