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Affiliate Marketing

At Performance Driven Marketing, we offer various types of affiliate marketing strategies to boost your marketing results and connect you with various companies that will help you reach your target population.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The phrase “affiliate marketing” refers to the system in which one company markets their product or service in some way through a second company’s referrals, internet content, or other advertising areas. Then, if the marketing strategy is successful, the first company will compensate the second company for their help.

To nail this down for you in a more concrete way, a method of affiliate marketing could be an arrangement you have with another company to post your advertisement on their website. If you receive more interest and have more customers coming to your website because of that advertisement, you pay the other company accordingly. This all, of course, depends on the fact that the interest that is created is recorded.

This can also work in reverse. You and another company could trade marketing services to generate more interest for both sides.

Companies usually like this method of marketing because you only have to pay based on the success of the marketing technique. If the marketing strategy you employ with the other company doesn’t work, you don’t have to reward them for their help.

Affiliate Marketing and Performance Driven Marketing

We only want to set you up with safe, useful, and productive affiliate marketing systems. For that reason, we use trusted software and recommend trustworthy companies in order to provide you, our esteemed client, with the marketing results you deserve. Additionally, we will track the interest that your affiliate marketing programs generate so you know how well they are working.

If you are interested in finding out more about affiliate marketing and how it works in practice, call Performance Driven Marketing today at (801)326-0582!