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PDM SEO and MarkertingPerformance Driven Marketing was started by two experts in marketing and marketing production. With decades of experience between the two of them, they wanted to create a company that offered affordable marketing strategies that had document-able results to all kinds of clients, large and small.

The result of their collaboration was Performance Driven Marketing, started in 2009, that is now staffed by marketing specialists, SEO experts, a sales team, graphic designers, web developers, content writers, and more.

Communication, Honesty, and Real Results

We want to bring business back to its original ideals. Instead of only having email and over-the-phone correspondences with our clients, we sit down once a month to discuss how everything is going. We still believe that business should be done with a handshake!

We also provide our clients with the real results and marketing strategy tracking systems so they can see the difference the marketing is making for their company.

For our sake and for the sake of our clients, we make sure that we don’t have any clients that are competing with each other. We only take one client from each industry in each area so there are never any internal conflicts. At Performance Driven Marketing, we pride ourselves by being honest, friendly, and helpful in every aspect of our business.

Creating a Fun, Relaxed Work Environment

Experts have shown that working in a neat place with friendly people in a relaxed environment improves the quality and efficiency of employees. Here at Performance Driven Marketing, we foster that kind of environment. Our employees regularly eat lunch together and spend a lot of time talking about current projects, making the work environment comfortable, refreshing, and inviting.

If you are interested in seeing how Performance Driven Marketing works in action, call us to find out more about our services at (801)-326-0582!